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Stede's Signature Tools

Over the course of my goldmaking career, I've managed to developed a number of very nice tools that I share with the rest of the community.  Most of these are Cross-Posted on The Consortium Forums - a fantastic goldmaking resource which I highly recommend you take the time to read and be a part of.  While the utility of all my tools wanes as each expansion ages, I'm always building something new - and when it's ready, you'll find it below:
  • Stede's TSM Group Import Strings for All Glyphs - a group of text files that contain the string to copy/paste into your TSM group import box.  Each file contains all the glyphs learned from a particular source like the Trainer, Minor Inscription Resaerch, Northrend Inscription Research, etc. How glyphs are learned impacts how profitable they are - now you can easily create groups in TSM according to this information!