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About Me

Hi there and thanks for taking some time to check out my blog / podcast!

A bit of background about me.  I started playing WoW back in the final summer of Wrath of the Lich King.  I made my initial fortune in mining / jewelcrafting in the beginning of Cataclysm and then moved into shuffling, glyphs, and high-value flips.  I eventually came to write some of the best spreadsheets for shuffling and guides for streamlining professions operations.  And that's what I'm known best for - factory professions and taking things to a whole new, sometimes incredible level.

These days, I've re-rolled (hopefully for the last time) on US-Uldum (Horde), and I take things a bit more casually as I chill with my guildies running casual raids, PvP, and of course, goldmaking.  I always love hearing from folks in game, so if you find yourself on Uldum   or just want to chat, add my battletag Stede#1203 and shoot me a message (let me know in your invite how ya found me so I know it's not spam :).

The ideas I develop and abort and mull over I usually share with good company.  I've been a prominent Wind Trader at the Consortium Forums over 3 years.  I've been a regular co-host on the Call to Auction podcast with my fellow Wind Traders Euripides and Namssob for about a year.  You could say I'm an authority on goldmaking, but I'll never claim to be the authority on goldmaking.

I receive questions from all levels of goldmakers, and I find the process of learning how to make gold to be particularly interesting and fun to chat about.  The podcast has moved to a shorter, weekly, pre-recorded, and (usually) solo format, but the full dose of goldmaking is still there.

I hope you'll hang around and drop me a line here in the comments, via email, via twitter, or come check out the podcast!

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  1. I took a break from a lot of things over the summer and early fall and was sad to see no new posts at Call to Auction. I am more than thrilled to have found you through Zerohour's blog. I enjoyed your contributions to CtA very much and can't wait to dive into your new podcasts (catching up will be fun).

    All the best on your new venture, and thank you so much for continuing to share your insights.