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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stede's Goldmaking Spreadsheet Sandbox - Warlords of Draenor Edition

You've built your garrison, driven the Iron Horde back into Draenor, and established a menacing presence on their home turf.  Your crafters toil endlessly fashioning weapons of war as you outfit your army - and the armies of your allies for the coming offensive.

As you open your inventory and see hundreds of the most powerful crafting reagents in the game, you wonder - what in the heck do I make to get top coin for the fruits of my labors?  Chest pieces sound good, but what if everybody is selling those and the market is in the gutter?  Do I really have to check every single one of the 8 or more slots I can craft to know which is best?  These are questions that are not easily answered right now.

No  longer.  Today, I'm happy to release an updated version of my spreadsheeting sandbox.  One that includes all the marketable crafts from each primary profession in Warlords of Draenor.  With the push of a button, you'll update your spreadsheet's data using Blizzard's latest snapshot of the AH (snapshots are taken once every 60 minutes or so - some data may be ever so slightly out of date).

From there, you can enter your cooldown and work order yields an have reports for each profession at your fingertips.  No more time wasted guessing or tracking down the answers to your questions.  With my spreadsheet - everything is in one place.

And the best part - if you happen to think of a question that I haven't answered in the spreadsheet, you can add onto it.  All the wowuction functions from the original Sandbox are intact and waiting for whatever crazy goldmaking scheme you can dream of.

So head on over to the Stede's Signature Tools page and download yours to get started.
(Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher required)

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