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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Episode 29 - Planning a Successful Launch Week for Goldmaking

After talking all about professions and planning your buildings on your Garrison last week, this week I focus on the last minute details you'll need to make your Launch Week a success.  Tune in as I talk about the importance of levelling profession alts, and the breakpoints you need to know about to maximize your Cooldowns, and your goldmaking in your first days in Draenor.

I realize that this show has a lot of information that I cover in a relatively short amount of time.  So, to save you the hand cramps, I'm including my show notes below the break - Enjoy!

Episode 29 of Late Nite With Stede - Show Notes

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Episode 29 of the Late Nite With Stede Goldmaking Podcast.  I’m your host, Stede Bonnet - and I want to thank you for listening.  

Before begin our last show of Mists of Pandaria, I wanna take a minute to let you know that you can find more Late Nite With Stede on our website - - you can also find the show on Stitcher & on iTunes - so if you like the show, be sure to subscribe.   

Alright, today is Sunday, November 9th

-  Last week we had a quick show that talked about which “extra” profession buildings were best in terms of goldmaking.  Most were around the middle of the pack, but there was at least 1 big loser and a few familiar winners.  So if you missed that show or you have no idea what I’m talking about - I think it’d be worth your while to go back and check out Episode 28.

We’ve covered an awful lot of ground in the last 7 episodes of the show - all the way to a garrisons overview to a deep dive through every single primary profession to ratings and rankings of goldmaking potential for each one and their associated garrison buildings.

It’s taken a lot of research and digging - particularly since I did not have any access to the beta.  So if you’ve managed to follow me through all of that - lemme just say thanks :)

-This week, I’ve got another great show for you guys.  A lot of the info I’m gonna talk about has been out there for awhile now - it’s just not the easiest thing in the world to corral it all in one place.  But it has been done - on The Consortium Forums, in the General Discussion Forum, my fellow Wind Trader, UtesDad has written a great guide to Garrisons for the Goblin.  It complements the information I’ve been going through lately.

It’s great timing that this came out just this weekend because it goes along with tonight’s topic perfectly.  Because tonight, we’re gonna talk about getting your garrisons setup as quickly and efficiently as possible at launch.

===WoW NEWS===
No WoW news this week - we’re all locked in tight for Warlords of Draenor.

===Goldmaking NEWS===
Only thing noteworthy I picked up this week came from Blizzcon.  I’d previously thought Spirit only rolled on rings & necklaces.  Turns out it can roll on cloaks, too.  So I expect Tailors and Leatherworkers to be using or selling those reroll tokens so healers can get their Spirit stats on those crafted cloaks.

TOPIC: How to Plan Your Launch Weekend
As I mentioned a few minutes ago, UtesDad has a great guide on The Consortium’s General Discussion forum that I recommend you all take some time to go read.  You can find the forums at

Scalable Systems
So, let’s get started and set the stage.  We know that damn near everything worth making in Warlords is gonna require daily cooldown materials.  What we’re all worried about is the new cooldown system.  In expansions past, alts were able to pop cooldowns without ever having to leave the safety and comfort of their capital cities.

As long as you fed your little alts they were happy to get pet once a day and do their job printing gold.  In Warlords, they flipped the script on us.  

You want to grind your professions to max level in Orgrimmar or *god forbid* Stormwind?  Fuhgiitabowtit.  You can’t even unlock the max cap on professions without going into Draenor and questing.  So dust off those alts, get em all levelled to 90, and get some gear on em, because Warlords of Draenor demands that profession alts get Savage.

On top of that, the cooldowns on your alts now yield more materials as you level that toon to 100.  At level 90, your yield is 4, but at level 100, the yield is 10.  So there’s a big difference in how quickly you’re able to craft items and also in terms of how much it’s going to cost you to make the cooldown materials needed to craft an item.

In addition to the Scaling Cooldowns on your toon, we also have cooldowns on our Garrison Buildings in the form of Work Orders.  You can Queue these up and they tick off once every 4 hours - at the start, they give you 1 extra cooldown material every tick - for a total of 6 extra per day.  But, once your building gets to L2, then you can assign a follower to work at the building.

If that follower has the corresponding skill for the building - like Blacksmithing for a Forge - he can occasionally net you an extra CD material on one of these Work Order ticks.  In addition, as you level the follower to L100, the likelihood of getting that extra CD material goes up.  At full tilt, it’s been said that you can snag 20 CD mats a day between your toon and your Garrison Building.

So given all of this, it’s most important to understand where the breakpoints are in these Scalable Systems.  Breakpoints may have been removed for Haste, but they’re very much alive in Goldmaking.

#1 - Level 90 Bunker Builder
Setting up your Garrison is one of the first things you do after getting through the first zone in Darenor.  You’ll be able to build just a single profession building, and you won’t be able to get it past Level 1.  But - you will be able to start the clock on the passive generation of Garrison Resources - which will be a very important step.  Every building you make on your Garrison costs GR - and you only get so many at a time.  You can build the Medium building - the Lumber Mill - which will help you acquire GR faster through Active Play - BUT - you can’t build that until you hit ~L92 and are able to level your Garrison up to L2.

With the passive GR generation started, and one of your professions now able to give you 6 more CD mats per day, this becomes your first very important breakpoint in levelling.

#2 - Level 92 Second Stage Fort Farmer
Close to L92 is when we can expect to unlock the upgrade to a Level 2 Garrison.  This allows you to build a 2nd profession building, and a Medium Building - Like a Barn or a Lumber Mill.  You still won’t be able to level any of these buildings up to L2, but you will be able to get the extra CD mats from your 2nd profession building.  And if you’re building a Barn, you’ll be able to start getting Work Orders done as progress towards unlocking the L3 plans, which currently take 3 weeks to unlock running at full blast from the time you start.  Remember - you need an L3 Barn in order to harvest Savage Blood.

In addition, at L92, your Garrison unlocks the Mine, allowing you to farm ore every day, regardless of whether you are a miner.

#3 - Level 96 Kicking it up a Notch
At Level 96, things get interesting.  You’re able to start upgrading your profession buildings to L2, which will also allow you to start assigning Followers to those buildings, giving you a chance to snag extra CD mats from your Work Orders.  Also, at L96, you unlock the Garden on your Garrison, allowing you to farm herbs every day on your Garrison regardless of whether you are an herbalist.

#4 - Level 98 - Kicking it up Another Notch
At L98, you unlock the L2 Plans for your Medium Buildings.  This is important for anyone who is building a Barn, as this upgrade allows you to create the most powerful Feasts using your Barn’s Work Order system.

#5 - Level 100 The Final Goal
At Level 100, you’re able to level your Garrison to L3.  This unlocks your 3rd profession building, along with your 2nd Medium building and 2nd Large Building.  It also unlocks the ability to take your Large Buildings to L3.  You’re also unable to level any individual buildings to L3 until your Garrison is L3.

Other Important Things to Remember
In the past, skipping to the next zone as soon as you ding was beneficial.  But in Draenor, the Bonus Objectives of each zone grant a LOT of experience, and are generally worth sticking around to finish.  In addition, certain quest lines will reward you with followers, which are going to be very helpful as you level your Garrison.

We also are able to build Garrison Outposts in certain zones that have an effect on gameplay.  While these are mostly up to you, I want to mention that you will want to Build the Brewery in Spires of Arak, in order to be rewarded with a Skinning Follower for your Barn after completing later quests.

As I mentioned, this information is all out there - thankfully - Since I don’t have beta access, I wouldn’t know about it otherwise.  But let’s talk about what that means.

Each and every one of you, I’m sure, has a different stable of toons and professions.  A different timeline.  Different goals.  So, I’m going to just tell you what I think in terms of my setup.  While I have nine L90s ready to go, I’m choosing to focus on what I call my CORE 6 to start.  These six are toons I enjoy playing, and they collectively give me full coverage of all the primary professions - including gathering.

I have assigned them an order in which to level them to 100, based on what materials their CDs will eat.  The idea being that if I balance my materials needs between Ore and Herbs, I can mostly service my own needs through hitting my Garrison’s mine and garden.

Now, eventually I’ll get all six of these to L100, but the important thing to me is to get my Passive Garrison Resource generation going, as well as unlock my initial Cooldowns & Work Orders.  I’ve taken off work for Launch Day & the day after - it helps that Friday is my Birthday, so I can tell the Boss I wanna take off for my Birthday - she’s not much of a gamer.

Now, I’m not going batshit insane or anything.  I’m sleeping Wednesday night, waking up at 7:30, and starting my adventures in Draenor at 8am with my brother and my other guildies who are online.  I’ll be playing a lot, but regular meals, showering, spending time in the evenings with my wife, etc - I’m still gonna do all that.  This gives me about 12 solid hours a day to do my own thing with WoW - though I’m leaving half of it open on Sunday for The Walking Dead, Homeland, and of course, recording & editing another episode of Late Nite With Stede.

So in the other ~40 hours, I wanna balance Goldmaking potential with personal progress on my main.  I plan to get all my CORE 6 to Garrison L2 with their 2 main profession buildings built.  I’d also like my main to get to L100.  I think these are feasible breakpoints to hit in the first weekend.

After that, I’ll likely get my remaining CORE to L96 and unlock the Garden and their 3rd profession building.  And once that’s done, I’ll start taking them to L100.  For me, those are the biggest breakpoints.

Timing is Everything
We’ve heard that folks were levelling 90-100 on the beta in less than 5 hours.  The general consensus is that it was easily achievable for anybody who had their act together in <10 hours - even if they’d never seen the content.  Whether that is how it works on live - is anybody’s guess.  God knows there’s enough max-level gating that levelling doesn’t need to be onerous at all for Blizzard to bring home the Bacon in Warlords.

And if that time estimate is even remotely true, it’ll be a sight for my sore eyes after spending 20 hours getting my first toon to L90 at MoP launch.  I definitely think that L92 and Garrison L2 is going to be achievable in 2 or 3 hours - or even less after you’ve done it once or twice.  Which should give me plenty of time to park my CORE with CDs and the rested XP meter running while I take my main to L100 and see just how long it’s really going to take.

I’m not in a huge rush to gear my main.  I did that in MoP - for the first 2 weeks I was the top geared rogue on the server.  But you go through a few launches in this game and you learn things.  You learn that guilds and raid groups are largely not psychologically prepared for the first tier of the expansion.

These same folks who would sneeze on the End Boss of the last expansion after a year of dogging Arthas, Deathwing, or Garrosh suddenly find themselves in a world without nerfs - soft or hard.  A world where the content is built to keep us busy, not as a Social Security check until Blizzard gets the lead out and drops the next expansion.  The first raid tier of an expansion is hard.  It’s engaging.  It’s - good for business.

And so rather than beating my head against a wall and making intricate plans for Mythic raiding - I’m hoping to balance content at a realistic level in order to make sure I enjoy my playtime.  And if there’s any message I could impart to you, dear listeners, before we rally at the tip of the spear and drive back the forces of the Iron Horde into Draenor, it’s this:

Don’t overdo it.  It will be so easy to fall into this trap.

Many of you have far more toons than a measly CORE 6.  Many of you have 10, 20, 50 Level 90s.  Considering that most folks estimate farming, managing missions, and popping cooldowns on your garrison will take 15-20 minutes per toon - I think we’ll be hitting our limit sooner rather than later.

The challenge in Draenor will be to enjoy your time, while using it efficiently and effectively to have fun, and to make gold.  I sincerely hope that the last 8 episodes of the show have helped you get ready to do just that.  With less than 4 days until Warlords of Draenor launches, I’m super excited to experience what I’ve been waiting on for many months.  

Question & Answer

Special Thanks:
I’d like to give a special thanks to Gissa, Zerohour, Medvayne, & UtesDad this week.

Hope you all have a great time with launch, and I’ll catch you on the other side next week.
Until then, just remember, if you’re not making gold - I’ve got a name for you: Customer.


  1. Early Happy Birthday Stede, and thank you for sharing all you have concluded about profs and garrisons with the rest of us. Sifting through all the available information has been daunting, and so summaries have been much appreciated. Of course, more questions arise the more we know, but we haven't long to wait for answers now. I'm really looking forward to using professions in a different way and have spent the past week furiously preparing as my plans have solidified.

    I am enjoying the new format, but I do hope that periodically you can lure Kathroman and Zerohour back. I've been listening to previous episodes as I've been finishing off prep work this past week, and the interplay between the three of you was enjoyable, and the tangents you all went off on was very entertaining. If you still keep in touch with Euripedes, please tell him that he is missed and I hope he comes back someday. (Zero brought him to my mind again as I rather think they sound an awful lot alike).

    So, Happy Launch Day, and Happy Birthday, and thanks again for your work and for sharing it with us all.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad it's been helpful - I know I've learned sooooo much in making these episodes. It's been a long time since I talked with Euripides - I think he left WoW back in January. Kathroman now does a Podcast with Selltacular called "The Gold Exchange" that's been trucking along pretty well from the sounds of it.

      Zerohour I talk to just about every other day on Skype. I'd love to get him back on an episode. The solocast requires a LOT more prep work being there is no organic conversation. That's the main drawback. On the flip side, it's condensed, on point, and can fit my changing schedule - which makes up for a lot.

      But it'd be good to do some special stuff for the holidays - I'll see what I can do :)

    2. I often say that if Stede was to just record Skype, he would never have to worry about podcast material again.

  2. Hello Stede,
    First of all TY for all of your informative podcasts, they were reall helpful in wrapping my head around this whole garrisons system! Also your podcasts are one of the few gold-making podcasts left out there, a lot of them faded out since MOP had been getting drawn out. Keep up the great work!

    My question is, what will be your first Medium building? I have been reading around the consortium forums and consensus seems to ultimately be Barn + LM/TP.

    While the Barn still seems quite mandatory for savage bloods at lvl3, before that we will need garrison resources to lvl the garrison itself up. So being that the LM will gives you more garrison resources, is it ideal to start with the LM as your 1st Medium builiding? (To acquire the resources to lvl up the garrison as fast as possible) Or would it be more advantageous for the sake of quickly getting to Barn lvl3, to take the Barn first and then "your preference here" for your 2nd Medium building?

    To be honest the whole lvling of your garrison and lvling of your buildings in relation to what lvl you are and their relation to one another in gating/prerequisites is really quite confusing so I may be missing something in the above paragraph and my logic may not make sense. Sorry if so.

    Ultimately what buildings will you get for your 2 Medium and 2 Large buildings? And in what order?
    (Specifically what will be your 1st Medium building?)

    Thanks for your time and have a great day!

    1. Hey - thanks for your question and thanks for listening! My 1st Medium building will be the Barn. My saecond on my main will be the Gladiator's Sanctum. I don't think the Trading Post is that big of a draw. I've talked about this a bit on the forums, but the Trading Post really requires a Lumber Mill to really take full advantage of.

      AH on my Garrison? No thanks - I've a bank alt for that stuff. As to why not the Lumber mill... I guess I'm just not in THAT big of a hurry. I'm not exactly certain what the break even point is on building a Lumber Mill that you'll later replace just to get the rest of your Garrison going sooner.

      If I see things going super slow, though, I may make the LM my 2nd. As for large buildings, I think I'm gonna do the Stables - and of course the Barracks - on my main.

      I'm sure we'll get a better idea of all this once we've been through it, but that's my plan heading in :)

  3. Thanks for sharing all your work on early opinions for WoD goldmaking! I only recently found your podcast through a recommendation by phatlewts, and I'm impressed. Seems like you're the only one covering early WoD goldmaking stuff to this extent, so while it's a shame you're not more popular, I'm half glad for it :)

    My experience in goldmaking is short, I only started trying make bank in MoP, where I made a modest ~6k gold a day with two characters worth of professions (one of those four professions being Engineering).

    I played on a moderate-high population server where my faction was vastly outnumbered -- about 1:3. Because of that, there was little competition on my faction's AH, which sucked for consumers. But with the advent of cross-faction auction houses (outside of the goblin ones), there's lots more competition and, more importantly, lots more customers. I've been enjoying the tradeoff, but more buyers means I'm making more sales for less profit, so in WoD I'm aiming to have more production.

    I have a question, though. Because of this newfound competition, I need more sophisticated market tactics. Specifically, dealing with active undercutters when I'm not around to/don't feel like relisting for hours. I've had this blog post: bookmarked and I've been excited to put its teachings to work when I get back on the goldmaking horse in WoD, but I thought I'd ask you if you agreed with it, or if you have an older podcast covering similar stuff that I can listen to while I level.

    ...and I just looked at who wrote the article I linked and it's the dude you and Jones talked about in these comments, haha.

  4. Thank you very much for the response! It gives me a much more clear idea of the options I have.
    Take care!