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Monday, October 27, 2014

Episode 27 - Which Professions for Goldmaking in WoD

As promised, and only slightly late, I hop back on the mic tonight to bring you an overview of each primary profession in terms of its goldmaking viability in Warlords of Draenor.  Episodes 22 through 26 covered the details, and Episode 27 delivers the punchline.  Tonight I talk through the latest changes on Beta, and rank each profession on an easy 1-10 scale from garbage to goldmaking heaven.  And be sure to catch the podcast again next week, as I talk about which third buildings are looking good for extra gold.



  1. Thanks Stede! Very, very helpful as always!

  2. Are you sure its working?

    1. Hey - Wordpress seems to have changed how it handles direct links - it's fixed for episode 27 and I'll keep an eye on it for future episodes - thanks for letting me know!

  3. Another episode with great info.


    I’m thinking about switching from Enchanting to Engineering on my main raiding toon. It is the only profession I currently do not have at max level.

    Right now, I have 2 max level enchanters (my main raiding toon and my secondary raiding toon). After listening to the last episode, I’ve decided to maintain 2 enchanters going forward as well. I was thinking I’d switch out a duplicative profession (not inscription) on another max level alt.

    Do you think I’d be at a material disadvantage not having enchanting on the toon I play the most.

    For example, in MOP I generated a decent amount of enchanting mats (particular ethereal shards doing things I would otherwise be doing to valor cap, such as dungeons/scenarios). I’m guessing I could use an enchanters study to DE any BOP things I pick up on my main, correct? Any BOP enchanting materials that I should be aware of?

    I’d like to have engineering on my main toon so I can enjoy all the gadgets and such. But, I’d hate to make this switch and come to find out that my enchanting production is stunted due to a gated enchanting material not easily accessible by an alt.

    Appreciate hearing your thoughts on this.


    1. I don't think you'd be at a material disadvantage at all. You can actually party up with someone who has an enchanter's study and as long as they're lead, you can visit their garrison and DE your gear at their enchanting study.

      Also, you can DE using an enchanter's study on your own garrison - without the need for actually having the profession - I'll talk more about that on the next episode.

      Bottom Line - Feeding enchanting just takes 2 shards a day - so as long as you're running a toon and finding an enchanter's study to DE that gear SOMEWHERE, you should be fine :)

    2. Thanks!

      Also am I correct, that there are no BOP enchanting mats in WOD?

    3. As far as I'm aware, all enchanting materials are unbound in WoD.

  4. I missed your rating for skinning/enchanting