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Monday, February 24, 2014

Technical Difficulties

Well, folks, I ran into some bad news this weekend. It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to post Episode 19 of the podcast to iTunes or Stitcher anytime soon (the curse of Zerohour).  Usually, Youtube gives me the option to download an mp4 of the show and I can make any edits and turn it into an mp3.  But for whatever reason, it's not giving me the option to download it.

I know there are other ways to do all this, but that was easy enough and it worked without much effort.  For now, you can find Episode 19 on Youtube using the links at the top of the homepage (Live on Youtube link should get you to my channel).  I'll have to try to figure something out in time for this week's show, or we might just take the week off.  I had every intention of having a proper goldmaking post ready to go this week, but I spent so much time trying to sort out what the deal was with Youtube, that I didn't get a chance.

I'm still doing my Blossoming Ancient Blizzard Store Pet giveaway - all you have to do to enter is send me a screenshot of a speadsheet you use for goldmaking, or a screenshot of your favorite TUJ profession page.  Details can be found here.  I'm hoping for some more entries as we get closer to the giveaway date of March 6th.

I'll try to get back on track with proper goldmaking posts later in the week.  I've had my hands full with a lot lately, and just haven't had the time to make more content.  Most nights, I get home spent and just want to unwind.  Them's the breaks, though.  Give me a shout out on twitter, in-game, or in the comments with any words of wisdom / encouragement you might have - those always help!

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