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Friday, February 28, 2014

Late Nite With Stede Goldmaking Podcast - Episode 020

Kathroman and I catch up on all the Warlord of Draenor news from the past week and it's potential goldmaking implications.  We cover the removal of Realm First L100 and Profession Achievements, take one last crack at $60 paid boosts to L90, and get down with some in depth discussion about garrisons.  Topics also included a look at how the gearing path is shaping up in WoD given the announcement that Silver Proving Grounds achievement will be required to queue heroic dungeons as well as the Power of Post Frequency on the Auction House.

My Blossoming Ancient giveaway has been extended - you have until the start of the next show on March 6th to get your entries to me via email or Twitter DM - all it takes is a screenshot!  Full details here.


  1. Hey Stede, I've been listening to your show at work and have heard all episodes. I have really enjoyed them all. In fact, I have not been a goldmaker in the past. It is your podcast along with a couple others that got me interested. I am currently using jewelcrafting alone for all of my goldmaking needs, and have accumulated 125k liquid in about 5 weeks. With that out of the way, I have a request, and a minor grievance. My request is that you take some time to talk a little of the details of jewelcrafting. For instance, I understand the basics such as prospecting the ore and cutting the blue gems, but I am a little unclear on just how to process the flood of green gems. I have tried making the necklaces that vendor for 8.97g, and have tried the perfect gem scene a little bit. I send the tiger opals to my alchemist for vermillion onyx transmutes as they are always hot sellers. But in general, I'm just not sure about it. I profit easily just from the blue gem cuts but feel I may be missing out in the other areas. If this kind of information is too sensitive or considered trade secrets, I understand if you cannot discuss it. I do believe there are others out there who could also use a better understanding of this profession though. Now for my grievance. In the last episode you were talking about AH campers, and how they should be reported even if they are not using a bot. I'm not sure I can agree with that. I spend a lot of time posting, undercutting, and cancelling, using only Auctioneer (no TSM). I sacrifice time from other aspects of the game to do these reposts sometimes because it increases daily sales drastically. Most times the gems sell while I'm sitting there. I see that as just a difference in style rather than inappropriate, and believe that if someone is willing to put in the time, they deserve the higher sales numbers. It would be unfair in my opinion to be banned just for a little undercutting, as it seems that is part of the game. Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated, and thanks for the great show!
    The Goblin Noob

    1. Hey TGN, and thanks for the comment! We can definitely do a dive on Jewelcrafting - and it might be best to try it on several professions.

      I can't remember the context, but odds are, if I said to report someone for exploiting the economy who was not botting, I was thinking of someone who does it for more than 8 hours continuously each day at undercut intervals less than 10 minutes. I think that's excessive.

      I know a guy who's dealing with a camper who claims to be using CKS & TSM to virtually automate posting / reposting inside of 3 minutes. He does it 14 hours a day. Setting aside the fact that CKS and TSM have technical limitations that can't do that (he's lying), I think that's still worth reporting.

      I can definitely respect folks that put in the time into it, and the ultimate decision is up to Blizzard. I'm not sure if that clears things up or just reinforces your view, but I was definitely thinking of more than just a little undercutting.

  2. Stede, thank you for your reply. I can understand a situation like that where someone is constantly reposting and undercutting for 8 hours or more, , and I agree, if they are doing it in under 3 minutes that may suggest something more than simple posting. As an 'old school' auction user I would be extremely frustrated with a situation like that. I consider that situation cleared up, and look forward to your next show. I will be eagerly awaiting your profession 'dives' as well. Thanks again!
    The Goblin Noob