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Monday, February 24, 2014

Late Nite With Stede Goldmaking Podcast - Episode 019

Zerohour joins Kathroman and I as we catch up on latest goldmaking news following Patch 5.4.7.  We talk about Zerohour's latest escapades, run through some interesting tweets from hwoome, yak about $60 paid character boosts to L90, the ultimate fate of 522 crafted gear with the new PvP season, and the potential for a meta-game with garrisons on alts.  You know with Zerohour, there's always a fun show!

I want to give a special thanks to Jim Younkin of the Power Word: Gold podcast for single-handedly creating an mp3 of the last show after I'd encountered some technical difficulties and didn't think I'd be able to post it all to the feed.  Jim's been a lot of help in a lot of technical aspects with the show and the website, so check out his site when you get a chance!

Also be sure to get in your entries for the Blossoming Ancient giveaway - all it takes is a screenshot!  Full details here.

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