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Monday, February 17, 2014

Full Set of TSM Group Import Strings for All Glyphs

Last week, Selltacular had a post on his blog, Copper to Gold, that had a TSM Import String that could be used import most all glyphs into groups based on the class they were for (note that not all 444 were included, but they will be added later).  Selltacular has a great site with loads of good content and I recommend you visit often.  If you've followed me for awhile, you know that I make a big todo about which types of glyphs are the most profitable.  I've talked with Selltacular and I have to say the glyph market on his server is an exception - to say the least.

On most servers, the harder a glyph is to learn, the more expensive it tends to be.  Trainer-taught glyphs are less profitable than Northrend Research glyphs.  It happens that as Selltacular posted his own list of TSM Import Strings, I was working on my own.  Last week, I talked about the difficulties I encountered in validating the data in my Inscription tab of the Spreadsheet Sandbox.  My next step is here now - to make TSM Group Import Strings for all glyphs, by the method in which they are learned.  This way you can make a separate group for each.  This will allow you to easily turn on / off crafting operations in case you, like me, want to skip making trainer-taught glyphs because they're just not worth the hassle.

I've saved these lists as text files to my Google Drive - you can check em out here.  All you have to do is highlight all the text, and copy / paste into the TSM group Import box in the screenshot below:

If you're not really familiar with how to setup groups, you can check out Phat Lewts' video guide on groups for TSM. Hope you enjoy!

My plan is to make a video series that walks through setting up in the glyph market, similar to how I'm setup now, using all the tips and principles that I use myself.  I'll break it down as much as I can for new goldmakers, because I think glyphs are a great market for new goldmakers.

Editor's Note: Thanks to Anders and Phat Lewts in the comments section, I was able to correct a couple mistakes.  Also, PhatLewts provided a single import string that will create TSM Groups for all 8 groups - just import the string to a general "Glyphs" category and can do a one & done import.  I've added PhatLewts' single string import to the files I have available on my Google Drive - in case the pastebin copy comes down.  Thanks to both of you guys for trying these out and giving fixes / improvements!


  1. Other than the double comma in the book research bugging it out, they worked...

    Oh and you missed "Glyph of Stampede" in the minor research string ;)

  2. Excellent lists, thanks for putting the work into making this for all the lazy people out there much like myself.

    While importing, I noticed a few things importing your subgroups. The first is that the "Book" subgroup has an extra comma 4 items from the end, which botches up the import. The second is that the Glyph of Stampede (40906) is missing from the Northrend group, probably because there are 2 glyphs named glyph of stampede (other one's a hunter glyph). My only other suggestion would be to export your base group with "Include Subgroup Structure in Import" checked off so that we can import 1 list instead of 8. Here's what the entire list would be with the things I mentioned above added.

    Anyway, thanks again for the list, look forward to the videos!

  3. Much appreciated! I needed to update my glyph subgroups again, you've made it nice and easy for me.

  4. You folks are amazing. That's all I wanted to say.

  5. On a related question, I used Curse Client to upload TSM version 2.5. however, it does not load all the modules necessary to do a set up to use TSM to list glyphs in the auction house. I have uploaded every single TSM addon and still nothing. What am I missing or is there a way to get a version 2.4 that will work?

    1. I'd make sure that all the TSM modules are enabled on the character selection screen or via Addon Control Panel, if you use that addon. I know some folks have had trouble like this in the past and they had to do a full uninstall / reinstall of TSM to get it to work.

      The guys in #tradeskillmaster irc on Quakenet's irc are usually pretty helpful, too.

  6. Thanks for this research Stede! I was able to help someone on twitter understand just how much research was required to get all the glyphs (I was surprised just how much it was too!)

    I'll also use your data to update my database, since I've been pretty slack with glyph sources for newer glyphs.