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Monday, January 27, 2014

Jewelry to Vendor & AH for Dust

Today's post falls squarely in the 'quick tip' category, and it's probably something you'll hear me talk about on the podcast if you haven't already.  As you may or may not know, I'm in the Convert to Raid guild over on US-Aerie Peak, and prices on the AH there can be a bit - wonky.

Lets look at Spirit Dust on TUJ:

Very cheap right?  Yes - in fact it's so cheap that it makes you wonder - is it worth the trouble to shuffle for dust?  Among other fantastic shuffle questions, my spreadsheet answers this question - and if you haven't already checked it out, then give it a try by clicking the sidebar and checking out my signature tools page where you can download it.

But for this question, in particular, I can give a much more illustrated answer.  We only need to know two things.  What are they?

#1 - The yield rate of dust from uncommon level jewelry. That is about 2.2 dust per disenchant.
#2 - The vendor value of said jewelry.  That's just under 9 gold at 8g 97s 82c.

With some simple arithmetic, we see that the vendor floor for shuffling for dust is 8.9782g / 2.20 = 4.081g.

Which is pretty far up there, in relation to where my market is.  What that means is that if dust is below ~4g, I'm better off vendoring my 384 jewelry and buying that dust off the AH.  So before you shuffle, make sure you look through my spreadsheet or do some quick napkin math and figure out what the most gold-efficient path is.

And the next time somebody tells you nothing is changing in goldmaking - ask them when they last ran the math on their markets was ;)

Editor's Note:  Since this post went live, I've had some great feedback in the comments regarding the yield rate of essence from disenchanting these pieces of jewelry from UtesDad.  On average, you get about 0.3 essence per disenchant.  On the high end, you could count an essence as being worth 5 dust because we know 5 dust will make 1 essence.  That would give another 1.5 dust per disenchant on top of our standard 2.2, for a sum total of 3.7.  Now, if you include the 20% bonus that comes from the Bountiful Bags guild perk, that comes to an effective yield rate of 4.44 dust per disenchant.  Now, if we repeat the division in the post above, we have 8.9782g / 4.44 = 2.0221g.  

Which is why I personally look for dust when it's below 2g.  As you can see in the figure above in the original post, those are prices that I'm now seeing very regularly.  


  1. Great tip. I haven't shuffled for dust since the very start of the expansion.

  2. Great article. I have long since stopped DEing my jewelry. Or DEing anything else that doesn't prouduce a Sha Crystal for that matter. I'll happily vendor jewelry 9g each and buy dust below 1.2g each. Though it seems you are ignoring the Mysterious Essence in calculating the vendor value of Spirit Dust. Early in MoP, I did the math including the essences and it came out to about 2.4g/dust. I think it's 2.2 dust and 0.3 essence per DE? I honestly can't remember.

    What kills me are the Ethereal Shards on the AH at ~15g each. The 415 jewelry procs DE into Small Ethereal Shards or vendor for just over 11g each. That's vendor floor of 33g for an Ethereal Shard. Another source for Shards that cheap is from DEing the 458 PvP gear. The bracers take 16 GIO or 20 Windwool Cloth to craft. GIO would have to be below about 40g/stack or cloth below 33g/stack for that to be a cheaper way for shards.

    The only possibility is they're using excess Serpent's Eye and River's Heart and making Reflection of the Sea for shards. Cut River's Heart vendors for 4g, cut Serpent's Eye for 1.17g each, plus the 50s for the setting equals 15.5g invested per necklace to then sell at 15g/shard? The only profit would come from the Bountiful Bags DE procs. That much crafting for that little profit? No thanks.

    Or maybe there's some other ridiculously cheap way to mass produce Ethereal Shards that I'm missing ...

    1. Yeah, those yields are spot-on. I nearly always buy shards up to 25g or 30g if I'm short and shatter them into essences. Great tips on the cutoffs for DE'ing gear for shards for cloth and bars! Those mats occasionally fall below those thresholds, but I'm honestly convinced cheap shards come from folks running dungeons on alts - all those randoms, undercutting one another as the market value cascades down...

    2. Thanks UtesDad for the calculation for shards from an example of 450 jewelery. I'm looking at offloading serpent's eyes right now, and it's good to have a baseline calculation for the value of disenchanting.

    3. And yeah - I did ignore the value of essence in the OP now that i look back on it. I didn't want to get into whether to value the essence at market value or convert it to equivalent dust (and then, whether to use upconversion or downconversion ratios). Personally, I feel very comfortable vendoring Jewelry when dust is below 2g / each - so I give the cutoff some breathing room for essence.

    4. I don't think I've ever downconverted essences to dust so I always used upconversion in my calculations. So if my 2.2 dust and 0.3 essences per DE is right, that's 3.7 dust/DE. 8.9782/3.7 = 2.42g/dust. Considering the global value of dust is currently at 1.8g the vast majority of people should be vendoring rather than DEing their jewelry.