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Friday, December 27, 2013


Well now that I've had some time to unwind from the holiday and the nonstop pace of work that lead up to it, I'm hoping to spend some time writing more posts for the blog part of the show.  A lot of goldmakers have cut back on their posts and maybe even their podcasts.  Everyone needs some time off; it often offers some much needed perspective.

The end of an expansion can be boring, with the current content becoming too familiar and stale.  Many goldmakers see steady trends develop as interest and demand wane in tandem.  And they too become entranced by their daily routine, looping through it, steadily making their way to their gold goals.  But a lot of us also revisit old content - we go back to grab all those Naxxramas achievements or Icecrown Citadel titles that we missed long ago or joined too late to get while current.

But few apply this type of rehashing to goldmaking.  The end of an expansion allows us time to think about how we've developed as goldmakers.  It allows room to consider the reasons and forcing factors behind market swings and conditions.  And most of all, it allows an opportunity to reconsider some of the more long-established advanced strategies that we've been using, as well as some of the newer ones.

Before I went to bed last night, I read a forum post about everything being stale, and no one having anything new or interesting to say.  As I fell asleep, I felt like there was a lot that I'd like to talk about.  Waking up, I snagged my notebook and starting listing each topic.  I was able to write down ten topics each worthy of a blog post before finishing my first cup of coffee.  All that to say that I feel I have a lot to say about goldmaking, and as we move in to the new year, I hope you'll come back and give some of it a read.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season, and my Best Wishes to you and yours in the New Year!


  1. Excellent! I look forward to reading the posts. :-) I've always liked this time of the expansion -- no pressure to complete content before everyone moves to the next patch location, the pace slows down and I can go where my whimsey takes me, whether it be goldmaking or achievement hunting.

  2. Stale? That word comes out every 2 years. Magically it coincides with the one year anniversary of the expansion!