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Friday, September 27, 2013

Late Nite With Stede Podcast - Episode 008

Kathroman of WoW-GPS and The Consortium Forums returns to co-host another ad-lib show setting a new record of 105+ minutes where we go long on Connected Realms and beat the D3 AH until it stops moving - wha?  Blizzard already did that?  Eh, what's one more...

To listen in, just use the Stitcher App in the sidebar!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September Gold Blogging Carnival - How Patch Prep Affects Me Now

This past week, my fellow goblin, Selltacular of Copper to Gold took to Twitter in search of ideas for a topic for September's Monthly Gold Blogging Carnival.  I had the honor of tweeting back the idea that became this month's Carnival topic - "How do you prepare for changes in the game?  How does it affect you at patch time?"

I'm hoping that Selltacular will get some good submissions - I always enjoy seeing how different folks approach events like patch day in terms of goldmaking, but I'm also interested in seeing how far they go and how it affects them.  When I initially posed that topic, it was about the furthest thing you could imagine from Yet Another Patch Preparation Post.  Which is uncharacteristic for me.  It's not always the easiest to realize that as much as the game has changed in the time that I've played it, so have I.

I no longer raid.  I no longer sell glyphs.  I no longer push or enforce vertical monopolies consistently.  I shuffle.  I pet battle.  I wait for flex. I wait for cross realm arenas.

I work more.  I kayak more.  I hit the range more.  I stare at the fish I didn't have several months ago.  I grill and garden more.  The nostalgia is lost, but not forgotten.  As an aside, I think one of the Warcraft tweets from the last week or two asked "if you could send yourself one mail back in time to your first day in WoW, what would it be?"  I answered - a BoA weapon, Embersilk Bags, 20k, and a note that said "Enjoy it now - it will never be like this again."

It's not.  And that's neither good nor bad.  It just is.  Another thing I don't do anymore - analyze / over-analyze a new patch.  Call it what you want - I just don't want to do it.  I used to push subtle Vertical Monopolies, dry up competitor's stock leading up to patch by manipulating materials prices.  And that type of thing can fetch a solid million in the weeks following a big patch - no doubt.  But the effects are predictable.  I make gold, not progress on my characters.  I feel the weight of opportunity bearing down on me when it's time to post more or cut more or enchant more.

And one time, I had the time to seize that.  Now, not so much.  Now, I'm collecting pets and leveling them in advance of the Celestial Tournament.  I'm only vaguely concerned about gearing my rogue (I've ranked a few times - can carry my own in bad gear).  Gold is something I'd rather do slow and steady, nowdays.  I've been to that mountaintop - the one where you rake in stupid profits after months of preparation.  It's fun, but the mystery and allure of new content generally sails over my head in the process of it all.  This time, I'm just going to enjoy discovering and figuring things out once they're live.

That doesn't mean boring.  Being on six servers, with toons waiting on another five, should I ever find enough time to justify paying yet another subscription fee, means there's always tweaks and adjustments I can make.  Folks find different ways to go about having fun in the game - and different ways to go about making gold.  So, if patches get your gears going - go nuts!  But if patch day is just a regular day for you, don't sweat it.