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Friday, August 2, 2013

A Real Podcast

Hi folks!  I know I said I was taking a break this week, but I've been busy.  In fact, I was so busy that I didn't even have time to do a show!  But I've been working on some improvements around the house here.

In addition to some minor layout improvements, I'm now hooked up on FeedBurner.  I've also managed to secure some good file hosting for the MP3 versions of the podcast, which I have reposted for your listening pleasure - and also so that my RSS feed can pick them up - because tonight I also submitted the podcast to iTunes!

Of course, we all have to wait for our chums at Apple to review the podcast and deem it acceptable for mass consumption, but I'm hoping they'll see I'm a nice guy and not give me any trouble.  Next week, we'll be back to our Monday blog post schedule and on Thursday, at 11:59pm, Eastern US time, I'll welcome special guest PhatLewts of PhatLewtsGold and Co-Host of The Happy Hour Roundtable Podcast with GoblinRaset.  

In addition, I want to mention that I'm always looking for guests for the show with some modicum of goldmaking battlescars to tell stories about.  If you're interested - give me a shout on Twitter @StedeWoW or email me here at

I also want to say thanks again to Medvayne, Zerohour, and Kathroman, for being my guinea pigs on the first few episodes of the show.  And a big thanks to all my early supporters and listeners and (re-)tweeters - I hope you guys will join us in IRC while we record and hang out and ask questions (promise I'll do a better job of working these into the show).  Last I want to thank Synthparadox for putting up with all my nublet questions on podcasting.  Synth is a huge part of the Call to Auction podcast that I did over the last 12 months or so with Euripides and Namssob.  I'm only just now realizing how much work he does behind the scenes.

See you soon, folks!

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