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Monday, July 22, 2013


It's a word we all know - but it's not one we hear much in relation to WoW. With 5.4 lurking in the bowels of the PTR just waiting for the Tuesday when Ghostcrawler has one too many bad tacos before bed, there's a common theme that gets regurgitated ad nauseam - Stockpiling.

Today I want to make the argument for stockpiling stuff. It's pretty simple - because it will sell. Fast. Happens every content patch and this one is no exception. So why even bring it up? Well, because the knee has jerked and fallen on this topic, and though I'm a bit late in arriving to the gold blogging party this year, I haven't seen anyone talk about just how big of a deal stockpiling is going to be for 5.4.

And believe me - it will be unprece-waitforit-dented. Particularly for enhancement markets. Why? Well, for one, there are no catch up dungeons. And that's not a straightforward thing to gauge - because catch up dungeons are not gated, and allow toons to gear quickly at their own pace - in stark contrast to LFR bosses on a weekly lockout and a grab bag of folks on day-leave from the looney bin who queue up with you. However, the absence of catch up dungeons means that the entire first two tiers of raiding gear of this expansion will NOT be made obsolete.

In Dragon Soul, we saw the HoT (sorry I forgot what that even stood for) dungeons make running everything except maybe T12H (which was arguably more difficult than much of T13N) pretty pointless - in terms of gear progression. Now, in the standard progression path of a L90 toon, previous tiers will remain relevant.

So, let's count the plethora of sources of gear, sweet gear that the RNG gods might bestow upon us, which good stewardship demands we will gem and enchant in 5.4:

Heroic Dungeon Gear / T14LFR / T14N / T15LFR / T15N / T16LFR / T16Flex / T16N / T16H

Now, obviously RNG takes a vacation when it comes to crafted gear, so I didn't mention it - but rest assured, all you master crafters, that the long gearing path resulting froma lack of catch up dungeons will bring you good gold making fortune. Also excluded is Oondasta and valor gear.

Now on top of this, PvP now has crafted gear, honor gear, conquest gear, and look-at-me gear - all of which need to be gemmed and enchanced in order for you not to get laughed at. Indeed, in comparing the gearing paths to other periods in the history of the game, the sheer amount of steps available to players for gearing is unprecedented. And even in spite of the gating imposed by the lockout system, we're going to see a lot of gear flowing through the playerbase.

This is especially good to see in the final patch of an expansion - when folks tend to come back to the game in massive droves. The addition of Flex raiding will be a huge boon, as well. It's not a huge secret that raiding participation has experience a substantial decline, and I'm expecting Flex raiding to breathe a lot of new life into folks who gave up on raiding earlier in the expansion - and that means more gear dropping from dead bosses.

So get your stockpiles kicking into overdrive because the coming tidal wave of demand is going to make those who have the supply very, very wealthy.

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