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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bonus Post: The Transcendental Goblin

Earlier this week, I talked about the unprecedent granularity of the gearing path for L90 toons in the coming patch 5.4.  In reality, I actually drew up that post a couple weeks ago and scheduled it to post this week.  There's been some recent noise that I felt may have been sending mixed signals about the gold-making-worthiness of item enhancement markets.

Why sell the enhancement when you can sell the gear, right?  Well, I suppose the main line of thinking is that the game can make gear alongside players - boss drops, world drops, etc.  The game can't make enchanting scrolls, cut gems, spellthreads, etc.  Only players can make those.  And let's face it - the persistent profitability of things like short shuffles or lazy jewelcrafting businesses reinforces a fundamental theory of the playerbase - on the whole, they're lazy.  Back in Cataclysm, scroll markets were a grab-bag.  My spreadsheets of what scrolls were profitable lit up and twinkled like a mushroom-induced vision of Christmas in suburbia.  In Mists, it's mostly static, and mostly green.  You can check out your server's Enchanting page on The Undermine Journal and see for yourself.

All that to say that the enhancement markets offer stable margins - however deep you decide to dive in.  The demand for such things is, naturally, as it is across all markets for the time being - low.  As Zerohour mentioned, summer sucks.  Content gets stale, people go outside, etc.  The shuffle is not dead.  Like all things, it waxes and wanes.  Your job is to anticipate and prepare for those cycles and get rich.

But enough rambling prologue.  The short of it is that, at the end of last week, we saw BoA items that will create an ilvl 504 piece of gear appropriate to your current loot/spec.  Mithrildar did a fine job of explaining what these are and how they might work.  What we're all going to be watching, but ultimately won't be certain of until the patch actally goes live - are the drop rates / ease of acquisition of these items. 

But - why would we worry about these?  Well, they basically skip the gearing path from ilvl ~430 all the way to 504.  And that's a lot of gear that folks would otherwise have had to enchant and gem as they clawed their way to current content.  But remember too, that this is primarily a way for folks to help gear their alts by grinding on their mains.  People bringing their first L90s up through the gear progression path will have to bribe guildies into grouping with them on the timeless isle and carrying them. 

On the one hand, this will affect crafted gear even more severely than enhancements.  It threatens to make all 496 gear more or less irrelevant in a single stroke.  To be sure though, T15N, T16LFR, T16Flex, T16N, & T16H will still offer an unprecedented amount of gear that will be relevant to the current content.  Enhancement markets will not fall by the whim of the interns assigned to punch in the demeanor of the RNG.  In fact, it could be that Blizzard's "design intent", which validates the theory of quantum mechanics, was to offer a mechanism to catch up in gear - in spite of the absence of catch-up dungeons.  heck - for all we know, this clipping of the gearing path may be offset by the number of alts that are geared up because it's easier to do so.  Combined with the promise of Flex raiding and its possibilities for PUG raiding, it's worth considering.

But, we'll never know precisely which way this breaks - your job is simply to be prepared for the risks.  Though I assured you only days ago that the coming patch would be a boon to enhancement markets, I have to temper those statements now, even though I still techically stand by some of them.  As Emerson wrote, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."  So it is with goldmaking, business, and life.

When things change, you've to re-evaluate them, and sometimes you've to go back on your previous intentions.  Some will mock you, some will huff & puff, but we're here to get rich, not impress the folks who just don't get it.

Some will, some won't.

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